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June 2, 2012

Article about Jacob Pichhadze in Memminger Zaitung (Marz 13, 1982)

by yazigallery

Article about Jacob Pichhadze’s exhibition in Grönenbach, Germany.

Article about Jacob Pichhadze in Memminger Zaitung (Marz 13, 1982)

Article about Jacob Pichhadze’s exhibition in Grönenbach, Germany.

Translation of the article:

Ikons and old masters as godfathers

The Israeli artist Jakuw Pitschchadse visits Grönenbach

Grönenbach (ba). Currently visiting Grönenbach is one of the leading Israeli contemporary artists, Jacob Pichhadze. Together with the Grönenbach art dealer Rolf Grossmann he is preparing his first exhibition series outside of Israel. Exhibitions are planned for Munich, Frankfurt Dusseldorf and West-Berlin. The work of the Israeli artist will also be shown in Grönenbach and Memmingen.

Jacob Pichhadze lived and worked in the Russian Republic of Georgia before immigrating to Israel in 1972. After attending art school, he worked as a drawing teacher, studied graphic design at the state academy of arts in Tbilisi and taught at the renowned Bezalel Academy of Design and Art. Pichhadze works as a freelance artist for some years now and can look back on a series of successful exhibitions in his country.

Jacob Pichhadze’s portraits of people display a stark contrast between motifs and form. In his depicting of rabbis, praying old Jews and his recurrent theme of Jewish women in traditional dress he uses old Russian ikon painting techniques. He learnt this sacral art in young years in a monastery in his home country Georgia. The technique forms an interesting contrast to the motifs of the portraits which are inspired by Jewish daily life. Apart from portraits he also paints landscapes in pastel shades.

The portraits of the Israeli artist receive their particular charm from the bright lush colors and the play with light and shadow contrasts. Characteristic for his paintings is the delicate precision and sharp transition between colors. His play with light and shadow has earned him the praise of as an “Israeli Rembrandt” in a journal of the Israeli government. Jacob Pichhadz’s art is exceptional in leaning not only the tradition of the old masters of Russia but also the tradition of old Central European masters.

Grönenbach’s Rolf Grossmann and the Israeli artist met through a string of coincidences. The first contact came about through a Rumanian sports physician who participated in an international veteran’s road running competition in Grönenbach. Today, both the Israeli art community and the art council in Munich have offered sponsorship to the artist. A selection of his works is currently on show on the premises of Sanatorium Dr. Krautheim in Grönenbach.

Visit to view a selection of Jacob’s art and/or read his biography

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